Bids can be purchased in packages at the dashboard. Each time you place a bid; it will be deducted from your remaining bids, and will increase the price of the auction.

And also just like a traditional auction, you win by being the last to bid. Once you pay the final auction price and shipping costs, the item is yours!

With Buy Now, you can purchase any product at any time during the auction by clicking the Buy Now button on the auction page.

Everyone wants to know how to improve their chances of winning an auction. There isn`t a guaranteed winning strategy, but we`ll offer you a few tips to help get you started:

Place your bid within the last 15 seconds
By placing a bid in the last few seconds, you know the time will reset and you`ll become the highest bidder. If someone else bids, time will be added and you`ll get another chance to bid.

Bid on the cheapest products
You can get some great deals on our most expensive items. However, these items also tend to generate the most competitive auctions. Fewer bidders bid on cheaper items, meaning that you are much more likely to win.